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  It is almost 2018 and we all know that if Giants continues it's release pattern a new simulator  will be released near the end of 2018.
  Hopefully we can get a wishlist started for FS 19 and submit to Giants with the top ideas.
 I know we would all like to see John Deere added but I doubt it will happen, so lets not put John Deere on the wish list for now.

things id like to see in fs 19 (in no real order)
1. no rain in buildings
2. seasons mod as standard in game
3. options for units other than liters (bushels, gallons etc.)
4. selling unit price the same unit as storage.
5. better mp sync
6. more access to the game on server page. ( stats, map etc)
7. 4x map as base map
8. disk ripper texture
9. chopped straw standard in game.
10. more incentive for someone to actually want to play mp with you
some of these things should have been done a long time ago.

I agree with everything TMZ said, and I have a few more to add that I'd love to see:
1. Cotton: They've got Case IH as a brand, so they could use the module express. Cotton would be a great addition to the game, another cool specialty crop like sugar cane.
2. The ability to swath crops, then harvest them with a pickup head. There's numerous brands already in the game for swathers, and the pickup heads can be Case IH or New Holland. Maybe they can pick up MacDon as a brand too.
3. I'd like to see the New Holland FP240 put in the game as standard, with both the pickup and corn heads for it.
4. A self-propelled solid fertilizer spreader. Self-propelled sprayers have been common, and a part of the game for the longest time, so this would be a very welcome addition as well.
5. More semi trailers, including tanks for water and milk, flatbed/bale trailers, silage trailers, hopper style grain trailers, and root crop trailers.
6. The ability to transport and sell your own milk.
7. A New Holland L234 skid steer. We've got the New Holland wheel loader and telehandler, so this would be sweet to round off the collection.
8. Some more older equipment. AGCO is a part of the game, so it would be nice to see some older brands, most notably white.
9. Gleaner. This is one thing FS17 is seriously lacking. Why have AGCO without Gleaner? I like Gleaner a lot, the first combine I rode in was an R62. The current S9 series would be awesome to see.
10. More uses for the pickup trucks. I'd love to see a DRW truck in the next game, along with some gooseneck trailers for it. A flatbed gooseneck with optional ramps would be awesome.
11. An American styled cabover truck. Something that looks like the SX in game right now. We have those ugly euro trucks, but an American one would be very welcome.

 In addition to what has been said so far I would like to see
1. More foliage channels for multifruit maps in base mod maps.
2. A nice brush hog along with bushes, saplings and small hedges that can be cut and cleared by it.
3. A start farm with smaller fields ( maybe 5 or 6) that can be joined easily as you grow.
4. Some of the smaller boulders around map to be dynamic so they can be cleared out of way.
5. Some sort of dynamic terrain and the ability to fill ditches and low areas.
6. And some type of irrigation systems.

1. Animated objects like lights and doors should be standard.
2. Better placeable sheds
3. Milk and beef cow's at separate locations
4. Multi terrain angle should be standard
5. Clover or alfalfa for baling hay

Giants has done a lot more in fs17 then I thought they would been nice

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