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I just downloaded google sketchup and was wondering how to use it to make mods

Google and Youtube are your friend.  You will find many tutorials on how to use sketchup.  There is no one way to make mods.  The only thing I can tell you is start basic and small with things such as buildings, then work your way up.  It is going to take many failed attempts to learn all the ins and outs of the program.

Good luck.

Thank you. That will help me :)

Sketchup may have the easiest learning curve, however, it is terrible for making models for a game when compared to programs made specifically for doing so.

If you have to learn how to use the program anyway, start with a more professional and game friendly program such as Blender, it's free.
The SDK provides an export plugin for it, so no conversion programs are needed to go in-game with your models.

Ya, AC3D is a good program to learn to but that will set you back 90$ or so.


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