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liters vs gallons : gallons i forgot to use


hello to all: iam just making small talk here

 iv been using fs17 for a long time, and  all my measurements are in liters.  so I have been using liters for a long time  i know how many liters i need for a field of certain size. like fertilizer, manure, seed, and so on. now one day I which to gallons for the fun of it and i forgot  how to  how do a field a certain size with seed, fertilizer and manure.  well i got to use liters that I found out it is easy. gallons who knows. so I got use to using liters that I will keep doing that. to tell u the truth I forgot how to do gallons for fileds mean i could figure it out but why,  keep using liters instead for the fields.   


theres a mod from ThundR's farming simulator world on facebook called unit convert lite. it changes litres to gallons,bushels,tons etc . theres youtube video on it too. might be some help

hey nathan1372,

 thanks i did find  a units conversion for my maps. thanks.



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