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Trouble with Lag and game shut downs


Ag Hauler:
I'm not real sure what is going on but all of a sudden I am having trouble loading Farming Simulator. When the program loads then it takes forever for the game to load. This happens even with no mods in the folder. I have a totally clean log. My mod maps will take 8 to 10 minutes to load and then when you hit the start button it dumps you back out to the desktop. Any ideas how to fix this. My game is on Steam.

I was having the same issues a few days ago. I woyuld crash at random abd have some lag (I have a i9-9900k). I tried removing mod and still did it. My solution was to remove the game and reinstall it. I do think some of my issue was due to the new steam beta. I rooled back to the original steam and all has been good.


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